Cultural awareness is a valuable quality to possess in this day and age. With many issues being raised to the public’s view, having knowledge on those topics can allow a person to intelligently  and confidently discuss controversial topics in a respectful manner. So let’s begin!

1) Learn about your culture

If you are a minority yourself this can be a great start. Go out and research your family’s history and where your roots lie. By being able to understand your own people’s struggles you can better sympathize with the struggles of others from different cultures. You will also be able to share your culture and history with others, in turn allowing for a more educated public.

2) Learn about other cultures

In many countries, especially the U.S., there is an extremely diverse population. Learning about another culture and history allows for you to understand where the people come from. For example, if one learns more about black history in America, then one might be able to better understand the Black Lives Matter movement and its significance.

3) Make yourself aware of politics in other countries

It’s not enough to learn just about a country and its culture’s past, next we must look at the present state of that region. To begin with, learning about world politics is a great way to become a more educated person in general, but when you look at the politics and understand that country’s history and culture you are better able to comprehend the reasons events turned out the way they did. You will be able to understand on a higher level as to how the culture and history of that country affect the daily lives of people.   

4) Cultural Immersion

Once you’ve exposed yourself to different cultures you can go the extra mile by immersing yourself in them. Cultural immersion is wonderful and can open up you up to so many new experiences and new worldviews. Try learning the language or try something simpler like cooking an authentic meal from that country. If you have enough money you could even consider visiting that country. However, make sure that you are appreciating the different cultures, not appropriating them.

5) Educate Others

Finally, now that you have learned about another country and its culture you can go out and educate others. The spread of awareness of different cultures is extremely vital in creating a safe space for all people. A place where those from different cultures can go and practice their customs without receiving hate and experiencing discrimination. However, make sure that you don’t speak for that culture, but instead educate others and make them aware of your support.  




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