“I will be president for all Americans, and that is so important to me.” You said this line during your speech on November 8, and of all the nonsense have heard you say, this one takes the cake. I don’t understand how you can meet the needs of the general population when have spent your life in the one percent. I don’t think you comprehend the gravity of your words, for you don’t understand the gravity of a minority’s situation. Do you realize that “being a president for all Americans”  means aiding those so-called “rapists”? Supporting all the women seeking abortions and all the women spearheading the Black Lives Matter movement.

You will never be able to understand the struggles of a minority. You will never know what it feels like to be walking down the street and having crosses shoved into your face. The bearers bellowing “abortions are the largest genocide of black people”. You will never be able to understand the pressures and succumbing to Eurocentric standards because they are the norm. Never will you experience the struggles of surviving systematic oppression for you are the one perpetuating it. You will never know the horror of a stranger ringing your doorbell, telling you your child is dead due to the fact they were wearing a black hoodie, and then never getting justice.

You will never experience the insult it is when you are asked “did you drink too much” or “what were you wearing” as if the assault on your body was your own fault. I don’t think you understand that your so-called “locker room talk” perpetuates the ideas the “boys will be boys” and that “men don’t rape”. No, you will never understand the struggles of being a woman or a person of color. Never will you know what it feels like to be judged or passed up because of the color of your skin, your identifying gender or sexuality, your religion, you clothing, your accent. Never in your life have you ever experienced losing your home and your culture because the other guys have better lawyers and bigger guns.

Know that when you stereotype an entire ethnicity you are threatening the livelihood of millions of people. By refusing to filter your words, you are normalizing the use of racial and ableist slurs. When you refuse to condemn the neo-Nazis endorsing you, you are supporting the marginalization and the discrimination of millions of people.

Never again do I want to hear you say that you will be a president for all Americans. Don’t spew cries calling for peace with the same mouth that breeds hatred and discourse. Don’t you lie about loving “Mexicans” when you are about to lead a country built by immigrants of the backs of slaves? Despite all this know that we are all watching, ready to fight at a moment’s notice. You will come into office in a time of tribulation when those who have been oppressed for so long won’t stand for it anymore!







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