January 20, 2017, is the day that Donald Trump gets sworn in as president. It was Sunday night (the first official day of the week) and my sister tells me that her and her best friend, Zoe are going to have the worst and most depressing week. At that moment I had totally forgotten about Trump and the inauguration, but as soon as she explained the cause of her woes, it immediately ruined my night. For me, the hardest part of the inauguration is how real it makes things. When Trump first announced that he was running for president I thought that he was being ridiculous and didn’t take him seriously. During the primaries, I was a die-hard Bernie supporter, still not taking Trump seriously. When Hillary won the nomination for the democratic party I was, for a lack of words, super bummed, and not to my surprise, Trump had won the nomination for his party. Once the two candidates started their campaigns I was hopeful that Hillary would win. I thought to myself that no one could be that ignorant to actually want Trump as our president. However, as the results on November 8 showed, I was wrong. Throughout their campaigns, I slowly lost hope with all of Trump’s horrendous actions coming to the spotlight and the many “scandals” involving  Hillary, yet I still wanted Hillary to win. However, I was unaware of how large the number of Trump supporters there were. Coming from a liberal family and a diverse and accepting school it wasn’t hard to see why. When I found out that Trump had defeated Hillary in the electoral votes I was in a state of disbelief, but some part of me wasn’t surprised. Somehow Trump has the ability to draw out the hate in people. The rhetoric that he spews brings out the hatred that many white Americans feel towards minorities, drawing in supporters. His words and actions have normalized ableist slurs, racial stereotypes, and oppression of minorities in general. So for the past two months, I’ve been filled with anger at Trump and those who voted for him. I was deeply saddened at the thought of him actually putting his money where his mouth is and attempting to implement what he had promised during his campaign. Those days made me feel as if I was in a limbo, waiting for the country’s impending doom. To me the inauguration isn’t just the day when Trump officially becomes president, it also kick starts his attempt at overriding all the laws that protect minorities, especially the LGBTQ+ community.

In the end, it crushes me to know that Trump is actually going to become president. However, it lifts my spirits to know that I am not alone in this fight. I feel good knowing that I am surrounded by a community of strong-willed activists who will fight to protect those they love. I felt this when I sat in GSA today. One of the members spent the whole of lunch talking about so many issues and how she was going to fight to the end. It was then that I was reminded that it wasn’t only my sister, her two friends, and I. I was reminded that there are so many people around the country building up their communities and making them open and inclusive. That’s what we should all think about over the next four year; building up and supporting each other.  

On Saturday, January 21st there will be a Woman’s March all around the country. Here’s a link to the main website where you can find a march near you.




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