February was a wonderful month, it was Black History Month and it shed a light on the less popularized moments in black history in America. However, the following month of March is also special because this month we celebrate Women’s History Month. This occasion isn’t as widely know, however with the recent occurrence of the Women’s March and many things that have been said by the president, it is vital that many more people know about the occasion and celebrates it. Though, before we start our journey we must know a little more about what Women’s History Month is.

What is Women’s History Month and when is it?

Women’s History Month is a month-long celebration that begins on March 1 and ends on March 31. This celebration highlights women throughout history, showcasing their skills, talents, and the vital roles they played in influencing our history, culture, and society.

When did Women’s History Month begin and why?

The initial idea of this celebration began in the late 70s. Before the 70s there was little thought about women’s history K-12 curriculum or in general public consciousness. This realization was brought into the light, so the Education Task Force of the Sonoma County (California) Commission on the Status of Women initiated a “Women’s History Week” celebration for 1978.

When did Women’s History Month become a national holiday?

After the first celebration, many more started popping up. The movement gained national fame in February 1980 when President Carter issued the first Presidential Proclamation declaring the Week of March 8th, 1980 as National Women’s History Week. The U.S. Congress followed suit the next year, passing a resolution establishing a national celebration. By 198, 14 states had already declared March as Women’s History Month. After much effort by participants of the holiday, Congress finally declared the entire month of March 1987 as National Women’s History Month. Later in 1987, Congress declared March as National Women’s History Month in perpetuity.

What are ways you can celebrate Women’s History Month?

Every year Women’s History Month has a theme, For this year the National Women’s History has deemed the theme as “Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business.” One way that you could celebrate the holiday is by spreading knowledge to those around you and educating yourself as well. This can involve watching movies, visiting museums, and doing activities.

Now that you’re more knowledgeable you can spread the word to those around you. Have a wonderful Women’s History Month!


For more information, please go to:

National Women’s History Project

Women’s History Month Website 

Women of Color in History

History.com – Women’s History Month






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