In the 21 century technology is everything! It allows all different kinds of people from around the world to communicate on one platform. One of those platforms is Instagram. Like your regular “trendy teen” I often use Instagram and other social media platforms to talk to my friends and “surf the web”. However, I also love to look at feminist pages. Activism has gone beyond marching on the streets and has invaded the internet. Many different blogs, Instagram pages, Facebook pages, etc. have popped up, all of them creating safe spaces for anyone and everyone.

Now like many of my friends, I spend a lot of my time on Instagram, so here are my top five favorite feminist Instagram pages I just can’t get enough of.

1) politicallyangry

Politicallyangry is a wonder Instagram page run by Amber and Bonnie. This page has 50.5 thousand followers and growing. One thing that really drew me to this page was their focus on Asian-American rights. Too often than not, the fact that Asian-Americans get discriminated against and stereotyped is forgotten. However, the admins of this page do a wonderful job of bringing these issues to light. If you would like some more check out their page.


2) GuerrillaFeminism

GuerrillaFeminism is also another great page. This page has 92.3 thousand followers and a wonderful admin. Unlike many pages like this, GurrillaFeminism has one wonderful admin named Lachrista. She has managed to garner a very large following on this platform. She continuously makes to be outspoken on many issues and helps to enlight those who aren’t. She has a wonderful ability to connect with her followers by sharing her personal story and how to overcome the many obstacles in life. Like the admin, the page is also a large advocate for those with mental and physical disabilities along with self-care. All the while tackling and slaying all the hate she gets from meninists and bigots. For more please go check out this page.


3) The Untameable Shrews

If you know me, then you know that I am a huge lover of the arts. Being a self-proclaimed artist myself I appreciate all the work other artist put into their pieces. So, it’s only fitting for me to include another wonderful page that is solely focused on radical feminist street art. The Untameable Shrews is very unapologetic with the art they post. Often many of their pictures include very “vulgar” street art that will really make one think. This radical page has gained 1,447 followers and is gaining quickly. If you’re a love of art and feminism this is one page that has a beautifully radical combination of both.


4) FeministVoice

Many people really look for an aesthetic when looking at Instagram pages. Well, if you’re one of those people who love aesthetics and feminism. then this page is for you. I have to say hands down this is one of my favorite Instagram pages out of all the ones I follow. The admin(s) have managed to create a wonderfully aesthetic page that tackles many tough issues. The page also often has giveaways where they partner with small businesses ran by women. From these you can will some really cool feminist merchandise. I highly suggest checking out their page.


5) thisisouractivism

Last but not least is this wonderful page called This Is Our Activism. This specific page is somewhat different than those mentioned above. For one, it has nine different admins. Second, many of these admins are teens who are really passionate about activism and social justice. Lastly, many of the admins identify with different sexualities, genders, and are of different ethnicities. Since this page has many admins there is an abundance of posts covering a wide range of topics. For more go check out their page.



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