White feminism is quite possibly the greatest bane of my existence. Yesterday, I was doing my part as a decent member of this society (while also getting required service hours) and was volunteering at Relay for Life. The day was going great and my team was raising a lot of money for an amazing cause. However, my day was completely ruined when I opened my Instagram. As a mentioned in a previous post I follow many feminist Instagram pages. In the post, I spoke of a specific page called the Untamable Shrews. I praised this page highly for their combination of feminism and art and I greatly enjoyed their content. That was until I saw this:white feminism.png


I was absolutely infuriated by what I saw. I was disgusted! So, I sent the picture to my sister and to the woman who runs the GuerrillaFeminism page. Next, I commented on the post in repose to the picture. I was blind with rage but attempted to stay calm and be the better person.stupid white feminists 1.png

What really angered me, even more, was when I was scrolling and unliking all their posts. I realized since Instagram doesn’t update your feed according to time, I had missed many of their transphobic posts. Surprisingly, I had actually like one of them previously, however in my defense, I hadn’t even looked at what the picture had said.

I feel as though this was coming sooner than later since the many anti-porn posts they had should have been a fair warning. What makes me even angrier is that the admins of this page were acting as if their “activism” was “feminism.” In reality, they were just spewing white feminist lies. One of the biggest issues with white women being feminists is that they attempt to only further themselves and other white women. Feminism, especially intersectional feminism, is about progressing and putting all sexes, genders, ethnicities, sexualities, etc. on the same plane. The issue with white feminism is that it only progresses middle-class white women. Many of them feel as if trans women are to blame for other women not having rights. This is obviously wrong, the reason women don’t have their rights is because of misogynistic, white, cis, heterosexual males. We must remember why intersectionality is so important because it shines a light on all the other women who have been left behind by the mainstream feminist movement and doesn’t blame them for the marginalization of other women.

The main thing that really irked me was the blatant transphobia in the post. White feminists are notorious for discriminating against trans women and it shouldn’t be tolerated. What white feminists practice isn’t even feminism, it’s an ill-hearted attempt to further the white women agenda. Transphobia isn’t just an issue in white feminism, it’s an issue everywhere so we must make sure to be inclusive of one of the most marginalized groups in this country.

If you fear that you might be a white feminist, then no worries there are so many resources out there to help you. My biggest suggestion is to first acknowledge your privilege. By acknowledging your privilege, you can go on and try to understand how certain issues affect other women from different backgrounds. A really great video that can further your knowledge about how to step away from white feminism can be found here, I would highly recommend it. Another great program is from everyday feminism. They have an amazing program called Healing from Toxic Whiteness that helps white people become more knowledgeable about social issues and more aware of their privilege. Here’s another great video that could be of great use here.

Just for laughs here’s another white feminist trying to fight me.stupid white feminism 2.png


One thought on “White Feminism

  1. These are more than white feminists, man, they’re terfs. Terfs are inherently against intersectional feminism, so they’re LIKE white feminists, just kind of a lot worse?

    Anyway, great post. =]

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