These days it seems as if stupidity is all around me. From actual idiotic actions to ignorant ones. My Sunday had been going well. I’ve been slowly but surely getting better at driving, only getting honked at occasionally. Macron had won the French presidency, which means that an angry Donald Trump in the body of a female wasn’t going destroy Europe. We had guests coming over which meant that my parent was going to buy junk food. All was well until I got a text. I was skillfully procrastinating my homework and was painting at my desk when I got a text from my beloved friend Tommy*. Now Tommy is a very woke person. They slay me with their existence and their inability to deal with ignorant lies, so I was surprised when I got the text. Tommy went on to tell me about something that “Bertha” had tweeted. Bertha then went on to say some ridiculous things saying that the girl in the video shouldn’t use the n-word. This is how the events occurred.

Now the whole reason why Tommy texted me was to ask me to help them properly explain the difference between prejudice and racism.

In Bertha’s mind, black people couldn’t say the n-word because it is a slur. Bertha’s argument was that since white people don’t go around calling each other “cracker” then other people couldn’t use slurs. There are many issues with this argument. First of all the term “cracker” isn’t racist. Minorities can’t be racist towards white people because racism describes a systematic advantage based on race. People of color can’t be racist since they don’t stand to benefit from such a system. Second of all black people can say the n-word. I myself am black but I prefer not to say that word and if I did it would be okay since I am black. However, other people can’t say it because it was a word that was used to demean and devalue blacks. This slur is ours to reclaim which makes it okay for us to use it.

My main issue with this is that Bertha on many occasions has used the n-word as well as f*ggot. Need I remind you, what’s worse is that Bertha isn’t even white, Bertha is a heterosexual Mexican. On many occasions, Bertha has used slurs that are not theirs and has been racist towards others. Bertha has also continuously appropriated black culture and music without understanding it’s significance. And Bertha isn’t the only one like this. Continuously I see minorities that are completely ignorant to these issues. We mustn’t put others down to raise ourselves, rather we should build each other up. We must continuously fight this bigotry and nonsense that plagues our social media and our classrooms. We must always remind others that saying the things and doing the things that Bertha does is not okay. Finally, we must all remember to stay woke!


*All names have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved.


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