I have spent the past few days binge watching the ABC show, Blackish. Admittedly I am unashamed at my binging, it’s what you do when you have too much time and even when you don’t. However, unlike the many other shows I enjoy bringing, this one really hits close to home.

The show follows the Johnson family. The father, Andre ‘Dre’ Johnson, has a great job, a beautiful wife named Rainbow, a beautiful house in the suburbs and wonderful kids. However, Dre begins to feel as if his family has assimilated too much into their white neighborhood, therefore losing their blackness.

Personally, I can greatly connect to Dre’s sense of losing his “blackness. ” For most of my life, I lived in predominantly white towns with more than 80-90 percent of the population being white. On top of that, I was born in Africa but left when I was young.  Couple that with living in white towns and the divide between Blacks and Africans, then you have the full glory of my identity crisis. However, in its bare bones, my issues and Dre’s issues are very similar. Dre feels as if he has lost touch with his roots, and I felt that I could highly connect to that.

Overall the show is really great. It clearly depicts what it’s like to be a black person in American while seamlessly weaving in humor. One of my favorite episodes was “God” which aired on September 26, 2016. In this episode, the oldest child, Zoe, begins to question her faith. For a majority of blacks, religion is very important and is for many the only consistent thing in their life. So, for Zoe to be questioning her religion it is a huge thing. As the episode progresses the characters begin to question their own faith and relationship with God. Rainbow’s brother, Johan, even put his two cents in bringing up an often overlooked group- black atheist. in the end, the show greatly handled the topic of religion that can be applicable to many people, whether they believe or not.

Overall, the show handles issues like these very well. From Black Lives Matter, police brutality, and the Trump presidency. The show has a great way of showing the perspective of many blacks in the country.

Personally, I feel as though many people would benefit from watching this show. It has a lot of great humor that isn’t tacky or overused but is still serious and respectful when speaking about sensitive issues. So whether you’re there for laughs or deep messages, you are all sure to enjoy the show Blackish.


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